Skin Care

Award-winning skin care lines with
clean ingredients and impressive results.


Award-winning makeup with clean ingredients,
fantastic coverage, and an incredible selection of colours

Earth Friendly

Plant-based, vegan, biodegradable and contains
certified organic and ethically-sourced ingredients

Our Products

When searching for products, we try to find other business owners who share the same passion for safe ingredients and high standards of quality as we do.

Skin Care

Skincare is extremely personal.  Choose the system that gives your skin what it craves.  Choosing from our site means you can rest assured that whichever brand you choose, it will be made with clean, natural ingredients and of the highest integrity.


The makeup you choose on this site is a wonderful, clean alternative to mainstream brands.  It is mineral makeup, made in Canada, not tested on animals and provides fantastic coverage.  You will not be disappointed!

Personal Care

We use personal care products on a daily basis.   Why wouldn’t we choose products that will gently nurture our bodies?

We Use The Products We Carry… 

We take pride in researching and personally testing the products that we choose for our store.  That means that you can take comfort in the fact that nothing gets to be here unless it is made with clean ingredients and actually works!

Featured Brands

We only choose brands that contain ingredients we feel safe using in our own homes.  Ingredients are evaluated for safety and products are personally tested for effectiveness.  Nothing comes into our store unless it meets our standards for both!

 Many of the brands we carry are made in Canada.

Pure Anada

This brand has a deep love for the beauty of nature. Pure Anada provides makeup made from the most natural ingredients, free from allergens, cruelty-free and it looks amazing on!


This skin product is free of parabens, propylene glycol, oils, fragrances, dyes and alcohols. It helps reduce the risk of skin problems caused by germs and improve the skin’s appearance.

Corpa Flora

This company believes in a more global approach of doing more with less.Water-free and environmentally friendly products with nourishing ingredients to restore your skin to it’s natural glow.

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